Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)

A gentle but powerful therapy

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The Therapy

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) is a gentle form of skin massage designed to enhance 

and improve lymphatic performance.

 A range of slow, gentle, repetitive, hand movements rotate spirally into 

and out of the skin stimulating the delicate lymph vessels.

The technique is profoundly relaxing yet powerful in helping to 

improve lymphatic flow and maintain tissue viability.

Vodder Technique

The Vodder method of MLD was developed by Dr Emil 

Vodder and his wife Estrid in the 1930's.

Their life's devotion to physical therapy centred on the 

lymphatic system.

Through research, lectures and tutoring they raised the 

profile of lymphatics scientifically.

Through their understanding of the lymphatic system and therapeutic 

practice they developed and refined a gentle massage technique 

that significantly relieves the adverse symptoms of fluid retention 

and tissue congestion.

Fluoroscopy Guided technique

FG-Guided MLD is:

A recently new technique developed through the 

research of Professor JD Belgrado and taught to those 

trained in MLD DLT of differing MLD schools by 

 the lymphoedema Academy led by Jane Wigg.

The new Hand Movements developed by Professor 

Belgrado show them to be the most efficient for draining 

fluid, which can visually be demonstrated under 

fluoroscopy imaging in real time..